Elisabeth Ouni

“No Balls, No Glory A Polaroid Story”Words Nina Byttebier Pictures Alexander Popelier Hair and Make Up Stefanie Lisabeth Elisabeth Ouni, the driving force behind “No Balls, No Glory, A POLAROID STORY” (APS for short) is both a stunning and head-strong lady who made a lot of people jealous, almost by accident, but mainly by not … [Read more…]


-INTERVIEW- Bracken Portraits Paul Phung Styling Lune Kuipers Hair Atsushi Takita using Bumble and Bumble Make Up PERCY @ Les Doigts Management using MAC Cosmetics Models Grace J @ M+P Models / Daragh Sheridan @ D1 Models Words Siska Lyssens Tweet Joseph Nigoghossian talks to DROP about the course he’s taken. In Primitive’s new East-London … [Read more…]


ANA KRAŠ interview  ANA KRAŠ, despite being too young has achieved too much, thanks to her amazing talent in the field of photography, furniture designing, and fashion designing! Her work that first gained the attraction of the most of the world is the Bonbon Lamps, which she made with some recycled threads from the fashion industry! … [Read more…]